The PowerKeep line of portable solar power solutions from Energizer® — lifestyle products to keep you going.

In today’s fast-paced, modern mobile environment, smartphones, tablets, and other devices struggle to stay charged and keep pace with people’s active lifestyles. At PowerKeep™, we design products where energy, technology and freedom collide to create innovative portable solar power solutions that help people stay connected — at work or play.

Learn more about our lightweight and durable PowerKeep line of portable solar product solutions. The cutting-edge solar technology aims to meet the active lifestyle needs of today and tomorrow, allowing you to start charged and stay charged anywhere, anytime.


Solar Power

Harness the power of the sun — the most abundant energy source on earth — with Energizer® PowerKeep line of portable solar products. Energizer® PowerKeep allows you to power your mobile devices from anywhere in the world, from the side of a mountain to an executive boardroom.


Solar Panels - made in the USA

Solar panels absorb the sun’s rays and convert light into electricity using solar cells. Energizer® PowerKeep line of portable solar products seamlessly integrates solar power into a number of applications without the limitations of conventional glass panels, enabling power to be generated anywhere, anytime.


Start Charged. Stay Charged.

Energizer® PowerKeep's innovative and portable solar power solutions can be charged using our lightweight and durable solar panel, a USB charging port or wall outlet, ensuring that your mobile devices start charged and stay charged all day long.

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Our New Products

PowerKeep 12

The PowerKeep 12 is a portable, rugged recharging kit that can be taken anywhere. The lightweight and durable kit features a PKcharge battery recharger, four Energizer®  NiMH rechargeable AA batteries, a AAA battery adapter, a USB cable and a portable, flexible, 4-panel, fold-out solar power system.

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PowerKeep 36

The PowerKeep 36 will allow you to power mobile devices from anywhere! The compact but robust power system features a durable power bank, a USB cable and a portable, flexible, 4-panel, fold-out solar power system that allows you to charge multiple devices while on the go.

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PowerKeep PRO

The PowerKeep PRO allows you to carry your laptop, pens, pencils, business cards and any other items you may need in a stylish, lightweight backpack capable of charging mobile electronic devices anywhere your busy lifestyle takes you.

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The PowerKeep Wanderer is a lightweight, durable pack that not only hauls your gear, but is also capable of charging mobile electronic devices anywhere adventure awaits.

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