Product: PowerKeep 36

It was nuts in Kona but I was able to enjoy some extra power with this device on race day during Ironman World Championships in Kona October 14.

The one thing I wasn’t able to due was drain all the power and fully recharge the unit, thus testing the time it took. I left it in the sun plugged in, but have no idea how much of a charge was regained.

Initial thoughts:
For anyone who’s used a charging block or external battery, This product is intuitive. The plugs, ports and instructions are very straightforward and familiar. The overall unit is super lightweight. I worried about damaging the solar panel on the go, so I kept it in the box in my bag – which wasn’t ideal. I didn’t find any warnings or instructions on how to transport it and pack it. Also, once it was unfolded, it didn’t obviously fold back in a particular direction (like a map) – I worried I was bending it the wrong way.

There was intermittent light rain and sunshine on race day also – I wasn’t sure if it is waterproof? I didn’t take it out, not being sure.

The enclosed IFU was super basic – after I was home I found the FAQs online to be super helpful – a suggestion on the printed IFU to check out the web site would be good.

Charging block had yellow plastic cover on one of the “output” ports that wound around – is that just extra connection option? At first I wasn’t sure I should pull on it to unplug it – not being familiar with solar devices, but having an impression that they are fragile, made me tentative. The purpose of the yellow cord was not clear in instructions… (after I read online, I realized this unit allowed for charging of multiple devices – cool!)

Wow this is a trending item! It was very popular and received lots of comments about walking around with a solar panel – media crew especially interested – always hunger for a recharge as photo apps drain batteries quickly.

Photographers wished for regular plug in to recharge camera battery packs…

This will make an awesome Christmas gift.

Dana W – Kona, HI