7 cool travel gadgets for your next trip

“A smart backpack to bring on any trip, this solar-powered laptop holder has panels on the outside – they will charge an iPhone at least four times. The solar backpack itself will take around 10 hours to charge a battery power bank using direct sunlight. Note: The bag has solar panels, which means you will look a bit geeky.”

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The Best Backpacking Electronics of 2018

“Our take Scratch, puncture, or tear your PowerKeep, and it will still work. The secret: no glass. Instead, Energizer uses Ascent Solar panels made with something called copper indium gallium diselenide. The thin-film material can be implanted into flexible materials—like the ultrabendy PowerKeep solar panel. If you bust part of it, the rest still works (like the way a strand of Christmas lights will work even if one bulb goes out).”

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What is the Best Travel Backpack?

“As you find yourself taking more gadgets with you with rechargeable batteries, you might find yourself running out of battery power before you find a charging station… You will no longer have that problem with the solar-powered Energizer PowerKeep PRO.”

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