PowerKeep® designs and markets the innovative Energizer® PowerKeep line of portable solar power solutions. Designed for active lifestyles, PowerKeep products provide off-the-grid power for the portable electronic devices that are now part of our daily lives. Using lightweight and durable solar panels instead of traditional glass, the PowerKeep solar power solutions provide the power you need in a perfectly portable package. Headquartered in Colorado, PowerKeep continues to develop innovative green power products that allow you to start charged and stay charged whenever and wherever.

Solar Done Better

There are lots of solar products out there. Why choose PowerKeep products from Energizer®?

  • A name you can trust: Our products are carefully designed for long-term quality and enjoyment. The Energizer® name has been trusted around the world for more than 30 years. You can trust PowerKeep to stand behind our products.
  • Better panels: Most solar panels are made of glass, but not ours! All PowerKeep products use the flexible, lightweight copper indium gallium (di)selenide (CIGS) solar panels — created by Ascent Solar — to allow for seamless integration of solar power into a complete line of applications without the restrictions of conventional glass solar panels.
  • Durable and lightweight: Traditional glass panels are breakable and integrating them into fabric or non-flat consumer products remains challenging. The CIGS solar panels are far more flexible and durable, as well as lighter in weight, making PowerKeep products durable, portable and efficient.
  • You don’t stop. Why should your devices? You want to start charged and stay charged, and the PowerKeep line of portable solar products gives you the power you need — whether you’re working or on your next great adventure. Never miss a text, an email, the chance for a great photo or just your favorite jam — stay powered up with PowerKeep from Energizer®!